The little ones # 1 : Camille


At the end of 2013 there have been quite a few new arrivals! The first one was the little Camille, so I made him a little shrink plastic hanging decoration on the theme of clouds (some inside information having revealed that his bedroom already counted a few clouds, so I thought it would fit in OK).
The shrink plastic used for this project is of the brand Polyshrink, and it needs sanding before you draw on it, so has a slightly rough finish once baked. It also seems to shrink a little bit less than the brand I used before so the pieces come out fairly big, which I found to look quite nice in the end (in my very humble opinion !). I also invested in a new hole punch which allows to punch much more precisely, therefore reducing the risk of ruining a piece when punching a hole too close to the edge (that's happened a fait few times in the past !)... All this to say I am not forgetting about the shrink plastic DIY I have been promising you for ages, I WILL get round to doing it soon (ish) !



See you soon with the second episode of 2013's little ones !



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