Puerpuerium asymetrical baby cardigan : the knit that makes you happy

*Warning : This is a happy knit*
 Violette was born at the end of June in a colourful international family, a bit like ours (or so I like to think). I had spotted the Puerpuerium cardigan a little while ago via this blog and was patiently waiting for the right opportunity to arise. That square neckline, those short sleeves, that pretty buttonband, my needles were itching to get going!
 I wasn't disappointed. The original Puerpuerium pattern (newborn size with short sleeves) is available as a free download on Ravelry, in English, French, Dutch, German and Italian. I opted for the complete version : "Beyond Puerpuerium". For only $5,50 you get a PDF pattern which includes instructions from birth to 2 years, for 3 yarn weights and with several variations (sleeve length, contrasting buttonband, etc...). The pattern is extremely detailed and easy to follow, it is just a doddle. The cardigan is knitted in one piece, so no assembly required at the end (which is great for me, as this is my least favourite job when knitting). And I just loved knitting blindly without understanding where this was all going, until all of a sudden I had a fully formed cardigan on my needles! Magic! It was also my first time using the kfb stitch, and I have to say that I love it: easy, neat, pretty... perfect! The only thing I haven't enjoyed about this pattern was knitting the sleeves in the round, on very small circular needles... very fiddly, and the edges aren't very neat. Next time I might try using double pointed needles.
 I actually tackled the so-called "expert" version of the pattern, with contrasting buttonband. And I also threw some stripes in, just for fun (well, mainly so I could use leftove yarn, but it doesn't sound so exciting!). I have to admit there was nothing requiring any kind of expertise, but I thank Kelly Brooker the author of the pattern for flattering my ego and making me believe I was an "expert"!! 
 The icing on the cake was that I got to use my KAM snapper plier for the first time. It's my new favourite toy, everything is getting "snapped" around here at the moment!

 And the glitter dusting on the icing on the cake has to be the pic of the gorgeous Violette sporting her new cardigan that her mum sent me!!! Total cuteness alert!!!
So there you are, Puerpuerium makes you happy!


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