The cat-cushion

A little while ago a little Elliot was born to some dear friends of mine. His parents both being very creative, the present had to be a little bit quirky, and most definitely homemade!
As you may know I don't have a lot of free time of late, so it had to be a quick and easy project. This idea of a cat-cushion had entered my mind after spotting this Catnap fabric by Lizzy House on Fabricrehab... I had noticed that Elliot's mum had liked the print when I showed it on fb, so at least I wasn't taking too many chances with the fabric... Ok, I hear you say, a cat-cushion made with cat-fabric it really isn't the idea of century, so no, it isn't, but I quite liked it, and it allowed me to work in small 10-minute sessions (cutting out - changing a nappy - sewing the piping on - feeding - assembling - burping - i think you get the jist !) so that was a bonus. First post-baby sew, very pleased indeed!
Love these little grinning heads!

But you know what made me grin like a Cheshire cat? It was getting this great photo of Elliot with his newly-adopted cushion... doesn't he make you melt?!!
PS : feel free to pin images of this projects if you like, but please don't "pin" the baby! Many thanks...


And soon to come in the animal cushion series, the monkey-cushion using monkey fabric ! ;)
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