Little pressies * The sewn ones

sewmonkey lightHello my little monkeys !!!! I have missed you... I have to admit I wasn't planning on taking such a long break from the blog this summer, however we did manage to fit in 2 house moves, 1 course passed, 1 change of country, a new job and 2 or 3 other things which have kept me busy. We even managed to go away for ten days !
So we are all settled now in a little house in England with (oh joy !) an entire room dedicated to crafts where I can leave all my fabrics, wools, buttons and mess without bothering anyone. I'll show you soon !
So in the meantime and to get back into the swing of things here are a few bits I have been meaning to show you for a while.
IMG_0078 light

Here are a few purses I made for some lovely ladies who have been good enough to put up with me for these last three years that I spent in France with them.

The waxed fabrics are from Les Carollaises, and the other fabrics are fat quarters picked up here and there. The gorgeous mitsi Liberty is a coupon bought from Ma petite Mercerie.
IMG_0045 light
IMG_0053 light
IMG_0055 light
IMG_0057 light
IMG_0059 light
IMG_0064 light
These are in waxed fabric with a cotton lining, and a little charm on the zip (metal from Beads direct or shrink plastic made by Mrs Monkey !)
IMG_0065 light
IMG_0071 light
IMG_0082 light
This origami purse was inspired by a tutorial for a folded paper envelope. I sewed two squares of fabrics together, wrong sides facing and tucking the edges in. Then it was folded, and sewn along the edges, add a button hole and as they say : Bob's your uncle ! 
IMG_0090 light

Hope you like them... more pressies soon, oven baked ones this time !


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